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Lean Integrated Management Systems (LIMS) is a team of dedicated professionals ready to assist you with your organizational improvement and transformation objectives.  Our team is uniquely qualified to facilitate complex technical projects, reducing the risk, complexity and cost of your change initiatives while improving quality outcomes and accelerating ROI.

The professionals at Lean Integrated Management Systems of 'LIMS' specialize in delivering measurable improvement on every engagement; utilizing our unique synergy of quality science and information technology to develop innovative and effective solutions that are robust, compliant and sustainable.

The voice of the customer is what guides our organization. Our unique experiences and proprietary methods enable us to accelerate return on investment while ensuring the desired project outcomes are achieved or exceeded.  As a quality-centric organization we strive to provide the highest levels of customer service; our goal is your success.

Doug McCloskey

Founder, Chief Systems & Solutions Architect

Doug is a career quality engineer, transformation specialist, systems & solutions architect with 30 years of experience developing management systems and leading quality transformation programs for best-in-class aerospace, pharmaceutical, automotive, medical device, electronics, SaaS, commercial manufacturing, hospitality and gaming organizations.  Doug is an Atlassian Solutions Architect and creator of the Lean Integrated Management System (LIMS) methodology, a unique approach to creating highly effective management systems.

The LIMS Team

Your Professional A-Team

The LIMS Team is an extensive network of proven business, information technology and Atlassian platform professionals, project managers, engineers, developers and subject matter experts, assembled into project teams that support the unique requirements of each client engagement.  All LIMS Team members are proven professionals within their area of expertise; additionally we are supported by key relationships with Platinum Solutions Partners enabling us to provide the right resources for every project.

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