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A core value proposition of all LIMS solutions is encompassed in our "Quality by Design" focus in every system and solution we design for our customers.  Each LIMS solution integrates the compliance requirements and internal control framework that together with supporting processes and proper execution ensures first time compliance that is not only sustainable but provides the basis for long-term continuous improvement and effective change management. LIMS solutions are system, software and standard agnostic, meaning that they are design-neutral and can be deployed using a number of configurable work management systems and solutions.

Customized GRCQ LIMS Solutions

LIMS at its core is a framework and methodology for creating modular scalable and robust management systems that integrate governance, risk, compliance and quality management requirements "GRC+Q".  As such each iterative LIMS experience expands the universe of components that can be deployed into both new or existing management systems.  In particular solutions developed using Jira, ServiceNow and associated supporting products mean rapid effective and scalable management systems can be easily configured to meet your unique requirements.

Pharmaceutical & Medical Device LIMS

Pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers do business within a complex web of global regulations and quality requirements where the need for a modular scalable integrated governance risk compliance and quality management system is at its greatest necessity.  Effectively integrating FDA GxP, ICH Q10, ISO, SOX and other internal control requirements can have a significant impact on the cost and effectiveness of critical compliance functions, failure prevention and overall change management thereby extracting maximum value from this set of critical business functions.

LIMS OpenISO Solutions

Whereas on one hand all ISO standards are cross-referenced and meticulously linked so as to be complementary, the ISO model does not lend itself well to the more generic task of overall governance, risk, compliance and quality management.  ISO must take into consideration its legacy standards and overall model but those factors are independent of your unique set of business requirements.  As such a LIMS based GRCQ system will accommodate all of your compliance and operational management requirements in support of rather than dependent upon ISO requirements.  Past integrations of ISO requirements include: ISO 9001, ISO 13484, ISO 20000-1, ISO 27001 and ISO 38500.

Hospitality & Gaming LIMS

The integrated hospitality and gaming operation has a set of governance requirements unique from other businesses.  The LIMS compliance model for hospitality and gaming integrates gaming controls, PCI, Title 31 and ISO information security, quality management and IT governance compliance into a single solution that scales from a single site to a global distributed enterprise.  This model can be easily adapted to account for jurisdictional and organizational differences.

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