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Atlassian Solutions Partner.

In 2019 Lean Integrated Management Systems, or LIMS, became the first Atlassian (TM) Solutions Partner headquartered in Nevada. The LIMS Atlassian Team is made up of accredited and certified Atlassian Implementation Specialists, Project Managers and Developers ready to assist you with establishing and continually improving your Atlassian Environment.  LIMS combines 30+ years of continuous process and systems engineering experience with the Atlassian platform to create highly effective and efficient management systems across a wide-range of industries and applications.

  • Atlassian Solutions Design and Architecture

  • Atlassian Implementation Assistance & Project Management

  • Atlassian Platform Optimization Services

  • Atlassian Product Licensing & Renewals

  • 24/7/365 Atlassian Support Services

  • Atlassian Training & Coaching

  • Atlassian platform based LIMS Compliance Management Systems & Solutions

  • Broad global industry experience and perspective including: Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Aerospace, Automotive, Commercial Manufacturing, Gaming, Hospitality, Software Development and Professional Services.

For more information on how we may be able to assist, contact our Atlassian Team here to email the LIMS Atlassian Team or call 775-450-4289 to request a free consultation.

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