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Atlassian Solutions & Support


Solution & System Design

Program & Project Management

Business Transformation

Coaching & Team Development

Technical Resources

As a certified and accredited Atlassian Solutions Partner, the Atlassian Team at LIMS is able to assist you with the full-lifecycle support of the Atlassian Platform.  From product selection, systems & solutions design, through development, licensing, deployment, training and optional fully supported service models, the Atlassian Team at LIMS can provide exactly the support required to optimize your return from your Atlassian Platform investment.


The LIMS Team offers a wide range of audit and evaluation services including:  vendor qualification, product surveillance, product and process quality audits, audits of internal controls and compliance readiness assessments that can be performed to a wide range of ISO, industry and government standards.

Once requirements have been assessed, the LIMS Team, together with key stakeholders, can design a solution which meets your objectives within the identified constraints.  Blending principals of quality and project management, the LIMS Team will develop solutions that deliver the business results without compromising quality or compliance.  "Quality by Design" is the guiding principal behind every LIMS solution.

LIMS Project Managers are highly adept at integrating business, quality and compliance requirements to ensure high quality program and project outcomes; outcomes that meet or exceed project ROI while reducing risk and accelerating change.  Whether a highly constrained start-up or a large dispersed global ​conglomerate, the LIMS Team is able to deliver consistent results to each customers' unique specification and circumstances.

At LIMS business transformation is our core service offering and highest value proposition.  Our extensive experience across multiple complex global high technology businesses provides us with unique insights into industry best practices including: business strategy, technology, systems architecture, process design and global compliance requirements and we leverage this experience in every engagement large or small.

Leaders and managers at all levels benefit from peer-to-peer interaction around the strategy and tactics of business transformation and continuous improvement.  Senior members of the LIMS team are available to help coach and advise new and senior managers alike on the methods most effective for maturing an organization and achieving your transformation and improvement goals.

To meet the needs of our customers, LIMS maintains an extensive network of qualified technical, project management, quality professionals and subject matter experts.  These same resources are available to our clients at very competitive rates for the contracting and staff augmentation requirements when not on project assignment.

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